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Once a vital stop on the road to the west, Parent, Qc, was born with the train development. In 2009, it was far less a major means of transportation, and the village was surviving on whats was left of the logging industry. But if villagers had a love affair with the train, they had a more complex relation with Kruger, the logging company. Many villagers were angry at the company because of its agressive management of the pristine forest, without any concern of the village future.

With the planning of a road linking the village to La Tuque, villagers were afraid the logging company will close definitely the sawmill and transport woods out without transforming it.

That would have put an end to a glorious era of the canadian history.

Update 2012: The sawmill closed in september 2009 and reopened only in november 2011. The new road between Latuque and Parent was buit in 2011.
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