Mapping Our Future { 30 images } Created 2 Aug 2017

She sails North, often finding her way on treacherous and frigid ice covered water. But she is on a mission to help us understand what is ahead and, hopefully, help human to adapt.

Every year the CCGS Amundsen operates in Arctic and subarctic regions in support of Canadian research programs. Summer of 2017, she sails in High-Arctic for scientific research and sea mapping of the mythic Northwest passage. While little of the Arctic waterways have been precisely mapped, shrinking ice shelves make way to increased maritime traffic. The CCGS Amundsen collects data to improve areal coverage of these maps. Scientists sample and analyze data along the way. They will use the information from their analysis to understand the relationships between the presence of organic elements, currents, water temperatures, chemicals and geological sediments and their influences on the marine ecosystem. By carefully monitoring the environment, they could better understand and predict changes to come.
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