Tunisian awakening, two years later. { 49 images } Created 26 Mar 2013

Two years after the revolution that have seen the end of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali dictatorship and a democratic process somewhat chaotic, the World Social Forum open in Tunis.

The New Tunisia in the making faces many challenges. After decades with a lack of free speech capacity, Tunisians are more than happy to express their political point of views.

With economic problems, unemployment and renewed cultural identity, it is difficult for the society to define itself. There are the left wing that wants a secular society and there is Ennadha, the Islamist politics party in which many Tunisians find themselves because of the cultural roots discourse, the Islamic identity and the sympathy for having been under Ben Ali's fire for the last 17 years. Furthermore, there is the rise of radical Islam, mainly from the Salafists. By the end of march, the Salafist leader in Tunisia said on its website that he will erase the Prime Minister from the history, which is seen by many as an open threat. Above all, the population wants to have a good job at the level of its high education and find a way out of poverty.
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