The Blizzard { 20 images } Created 1 Feb 2013

Nunavik, Canada. Villages are often stuck in raging blizzards for days. While in the storm, no plane transportation are possible even for medevac, village are isolated from the rest of the world. Sometimes, even communications are down. Inuits don't fight with snow storms and blizzards, probably coming from a past of surviving in a harsh environment, they learned that it is no use and not necessary to act like there was nothing. They prefer to go with the flow. This situation provoke some clashes on their jobs as the mainstream society in Canada don't want to stop. So Inuit villages are on idle, people hide inside and everybody wait. Silhouettes are caught between two gust of 75 to 100 Km/h winds, like phantoms wandering, in search of a shelter. As blizzard come and go, pictures will be added to have a glimpse of that part of life in Nunavik.
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