Fishing the inuit way { 15 images } Created 17 Feb 2013

Life in Nunavik also see Qallunaat, ”white people”, coming for specialty jobs, teachers and nurses. If most do it for one or two years, some stay much longer. Ann, a teacher, has been living up North for the last 25 years. Over the years, she learned her way on the land.

On a snowmobile fishing trip, she is using, with her life partner Andy, inuit fishing technics. One dig a hole in the ice, cover the hole with his head and parka hood and fishes with a line tied to a small wooden stick. When the fisherman sees fishes near is line, he starts to jiggle and if a fish bites, he pulls it out.

Contrary to inuits, qallunats have to buy a provincial and a special territorial inuit fishing permits since the James Bay Convention.
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