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Last Saturday, I went to visit Selima and Minnie, at their traditional campsite. Once there, it didn’t take long I receive an invitation to come in the tent to have some lunch (arctic char, banik and tea). I sat on the ground with them, and they told me stories of their younger years. They are both 66, but still very active.

” Last night, before climbing in our sleeping bags, I went out and fire my rifle in the four directions to let animals know we were there “ said Minnie with a grin on her face.

Selima was very open. When asked about tundra herbs to make tea, she said that she knew a lot, but don’t drink them anymore because she had so many cups in her younger years.

After lunch, Minnie took her beading out and her friend looked at her work. The ” tupik ” (tent) was kept very clean, free of any fish tiny bits, not to draw bears. Selima wrapped the small leftovers in aluminum foil and put it in the stove.

“There will be no smell” she said, closing the metal plate forming the stove top opening.

After a while, they looked by the tupik‘s entrance.

” Yes, it is time to go “ , said Selima putting her coat on.

The three of us went to retrieve the fishing nets as the tide was lowering. Minnie caught many fishes and Selima only one that took her a while to see, since her net was full of sea weeds. I helped them for an hour, but it was already 6 PM and had to walk one hour to go back to the village.

Spend some time with two elder women in their traditional tent and living the inuit way of life with them.
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