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Healing of a Broken Spirit { 4 galleries }

*Project in progress

Many of the first nations of Canada have never given up any rights to their lands. They are excluded from decisions about the use of their traditional lands and it has led to anger and social problems. These negative feeling have been passed to younger generations and result in anger and a lack of empowerment, and a culture of broken spirit. With the loss of land access, they also lost cultural references, language and values. Poverty, unemployment, use of drugs and alcohol, are among social issues that are the foundation of violence and self-destructive habits in native communities.
Despite everything, men and women, are starting to talk in their healing process, to break the generational cycle and to protect younger generations. But are we ready to listen ?

Even though they have been sharing the same country for 400 years, very few canadians visit amerindian communities, and they don’t know much about them. There are few modern documents of their daily life.
This exhibition, taken from an on going project, is to rectify this situation by documenting the daily life and realities of First Nations of the Laurentian Forest. Here are stories about the modern Amerindian.

If breaking the law of silence is important for Amerindians to let them go forward in their healing process, it is as important to the canadian society to also break that law of silence that keeps the Amerindians in shade and indifference.

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